It is more important than ever that YOU become an activist. The Conservative message is being ignored or silenced in the mainstream media. National elections are no longer decided by those committed to left or right ideologies, but rather by the people most likely to neither know nor care much about the issues - the so-called middle. Now is the time that we each must do all we can to educate those who are not already committed to Conservative principles. This task is not difficult, but it does require some patience, after all, most of the people who need to learn political history and current events really do live much of their lives as conservatives; they just don't recognize it. Here are ten steps that you can take to further the cause...

1. Get informed, stay informed

Study the history and foundation of this country. Learn the steps that have taken us this far down the road toward socialism. Learn current events and policy issues. Being informed helps you back up your opinions with facts.

2. Participate in the discussion

Participate in blogs, write letters to your local newspaper, talk to your friends and neighbors. Encourage them to get involved, too. We need to build an army of activists!

3. Hold politicians accountable

Every politician from the school board to the President of the United Sates deserves to hear from you, and it is your responsibility to contact them on important policy decisions. They're spending your money! Remind them how they got into office and whose money they are spending. Your phone calls, emails, and faxes can sometimes make a difference.

4. Volunteer to help the GOP

Your local GOP can use your help, no matter how much or how little. There are some precincts that need chairmen, but virtually all precincts can use more help during elections. It is vitally important that we be able to provide poll workers to keep our elections fair and honest. The local party can also use your help working events, fund raising, and even providing feedback and more ideas to strengthen our base here in Brazoria County. Use our Contact Form or plan to attend one of the monthly meetings.

5. Get involved in local government

Attend meetings of your local government. The decisions made by your city council and county commissioners have a direct effect on your life, typically in a short term. It is vitally important that these folks hear a conservative viewpoint during their deliberations. Yes, I know. We have jobs and families and churches, but we can no longer ignore government. You may not be interested in government, but it is interested in you!

6. Build your circle

You influence more people than you might realize. Build your circle of email friends, Facebook friends, or even the coffee klatch. Share the things you are learning with your friends and encourage them to get involved. If you feel strongly enough about an issue to write your elected officials, share your letter and your motivation with your friends. If you encourage them to use your letter, you have a stronger possibility of getting them to join with you. Keep your circle upbeat and motivated.

7. Convert five

This may be the most difficult, but you must do this. We cannot each exist in an echo chamber where we only associate with those whose beliefs match our own. We must move out of the comfort zone and commit to recruiting/education/converting five people this year. Find those who have a passing interest in politics and get them more interested. Feed them material and make them think. Conservatism is natural to a rational person and if you wake them up, they will understand. Remember, it is the middle that is deciding elections.

8. Educate young people

Young people today are energized about politics. The trouble is, they are energized for many of the wrong reasons and being young people, they haven't had a lot of time to internalize liberalism vs. conservatism. It's our job to help them understand that. We must. After all, they need to be working, productive people to pay for our Social Security!

9. Learn the tactics of the left

The left and the current administration are following an established template. Their goals are not surprising, but the tactics employed over the last 8 years have proven to be very effective. The key to our success comes through organizing. Each of us must work to make our county GOP as strong as possible and to build an organized network that not only responds, but is proactively working to recruit.

10. Make noise

Our current President cut his teeth being a community organizer. As a role model for us all, we must now embrace the (legal) tactics of the left to make ourselves heard. We have a national media that is deaf or even in collusion with the left to ignore the Conservative message. We cannot tolerate that. The recent Tea Parties scattered around the country were organized quickly and were successful considering the time frame. The next ones will be bigger and the following July 4th Tea Parties will be enormous. We must get in the collective face of the nation - all the time smiling.